Wednesday, 11 July 2012

where do we belong?

A difficult question in deed!

There was a time when it was assumed to be below dignity for a farmers son to leave the house in search of job outside. Out side jobs were meant to be for the least endowed and less capable! But alas, things have completely changed. The best and the brightest flock to the cities! Poorest and the dullest are left behind in the villages. I dream for the day when this trend can be reversed. Sooner this happens the better.

Migration, either voluntary or otherwise is a curse. Relocation is not that simple and natural. Look at the rehabilitation colonies. Crores of rupees get spent for providing all amenities(?) to the project displaced people. But these rehabilitation sites can never again become villages. we can feel some vital force missing in these colonies. They remain colonies for ever. As if, for the residents it is a transitory camp and no more.

The ambiance of a old temple, a village pond, a sacred groove of so many revered trees, the village commons for grazing cattle, the Panchayathi Katte in the center of the village under a peeple tree where all the village affairs get discussed, the quarrels get settled, the village festival dates are fixed etc cannot be repeated in these colonies. What really makes the difference. Quite difficult to express.

Some how the process appears to be different when villagers move to cities in search of jobs. The cities are like black holes. They suck in every body lock, stock and barrel. The individual identities get lost. The villager becomes one in a million, devoid of all individual identities, even if he were to be a big man in his village. The village biggie gets humbled in a city.

What happens if a city bred family migrates to a village? something very catastrophic happens unless some god father is there in the village. Normally the incoming family gets rejected in the beginning. It is like rejection of an organ graft. if somebody is tenacious enough to stay on , he gets exploited, either for money or other favours. If he stays put little longer, hold your breath, the incoming family starts bossing over and starts many methods for exploiting the unsuspecting villagers. It is very difficult to understand this chemistry.

This rejection of in-migrants applies across various geographic and ethnic regions as well. A coastal family can move to plains and can live happily, after initial hiccups of course. But the reverse cannot be imagined. A marwadi family can establish their business any where in the south including rural areas. But the opposite is not true ( except in case of metros like Bombay and Delhi )

Finally where do we all belong ? That is a question.

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  1. Good article. Does this mean, there is no option for a person from city to go back to Village and settle down there?